The Coremo C air-actuated pneumatic caliper brake is intended for industrial applications which require variation in the clamping forces in response to changes in the air pressure. The input air pressure must not exceed 6 [bar].

The brake can be installed in any position since it has a lever balancing and lining pad alignment system. Use of this brake, which features a double lining pad, is recommended in particular in applications which require greater thermal capacity per unit of surface area. The SG iron caliper is designed to withstand the mechanical and thermal stresses generated in compliance with satisfactory safety coefficients.

The lining pads can be adjusted to ensure that the friction surfaces grip the brake disc at all points. Quality controls ensure a reliable, safe product and trouble-free caliper operation. The brake is suitable for applications where continuous braking or service stops are required.

Braking force F C300 5400 N at 6 bar C600 13200 N at 6 bar C1200 22500 N at 6 bar
Dynamic torque = F • (disc radius in m - 0.044) = Nm
Max total wear 14 mm
Thickness of new lining 11 mm
Continuous thermal capacity for double pad version Qc 5.5 kW

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