The COREMO D3N-ID spring-applied hydraulic caliper brake is operated by helical springs which generate a constant clamping force. The hydraulic operating system releases the brake by compressing the springs inside the thruster.

The brake may be used as a safety brake or as a holding and parking brake.

Braking force F D3N-ID 11200 N
Minimum release pressure 50 bar D3N-ID
Max pressure 100 bar
The torque values specified are obtained with n. 8 springs for 3N-ID
Torque proportionally less are achievable with n. 6-4-2 springs for 3N-ID
Hydraulic fluid Mineral oil based SAE/ISO 46
Total oil displacement for 2 mm movement of each pad 0.017 dm3
Dynamic torque = F • (raggio del disco in m - 0.033) = Nm
Max total wear 12 mm
Thickness of new lining 11 mm
Continuous thermal capacity Qc 3.4kW

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