COREMO A3-ID hydraulically operated caliper brakes can be used in industrial applications requiring regulation of the clamping force in response to variations in pressure.

This model can be fitted with a double lining pad, twice the size of the standard component, with a larger surface for increased thermal capacity. The SG iron levers and steel thruster are designed to withstand high mechanical stresses and pressures.

Braking force F A3-ID 15987 N at 100 bar
Max pressure 100 bar
Max total wear 16 mm
Thickness of new lining 16 mm
Continuous thermal capacity Qc 1.7 kW
Continuous thermal capacity for double pad version Qc 2.7 kW
Hydraulic fluid Mineral oil based SAE/ISO 46
Total oil displacement for 2 mm movement of each pad 0.009 dm3

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Coremo A3-ID