Our sustainability work

Sustainability for us at Rydahls is an important factor where we jointly take responsibility for and manage financial, environmental, and social issues.
We strive to consider our future world and to think long-term about economics, environment and social parameters.

Goals linked to Agenda 2030

the global goals
Rydahls must strive to implement sustainable methods to reduce the use of harmful chemicals and pollutants that have a negative impact on human health.
Rydahls must ensure sustainable economic growth and promote decent working conditions at both Rydahls and suppliers.
Rydahls must contribute to reduced climate impact by reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
Rydahls must have an inclusive work environment where everyone has equal opportunities based on their qualifications for the job, regardless of gender.
Rydahls shall prevent, reduce, reuse, and recycle waste.

An example of work with sustainable production

At Rydahls, we want to protect nature's resources and therefore prioritize sustainable solutions for the future. One of our sustainability goals is to reduce the amount of waste from our water cutting machines by recycling used raw materials.

SkärsandThe sand that we use in our water cutting machines are a so-called Garnet sand, a natural mineral sand that can be recycled up to eight times after use. Furthermore, the sand is free of metals and contains no soluble or dusty components, which provides a good working environment.

"As part of our focus in contributing to a more sustainable environment we keep working to find new solutions for us and our customers," says Stefan Magnusson, production manager at Rydahls.

By leaving the Garnet sand for recycling after use, a closed cycle is created, avoiding waste of limited natural resources and landfill costs. At the supplier, the recycled sand is washed, dried, sieved and mixed with new virgin sand to different size fractions. When the sand no longer can be recycled, the residual product eventually goes to foundry work.

Extensive tests have shown that well-made recycled sand has a much better cutting ability than virgin sand - for the benefit of our customers and the environment.