Experts in brake systems and friction solutions

After just over a hundred years in the industry, Rydahls has built up unique experience and expertise. We are specialists in: brake systems for heavy vehicles and machinery; brake and friction solutions in the manufacturing industry, replacement parts for trucks, buses, lcv and heavy trailers. We offer custom solutions and a very wide range of brake and replacement parts, as well as friction materials.

Our business concept

Rydahls must be based on high levels of expertise, long technical experience and by excellent customer service provide market leading products and services. We strive to lead and drive development within our industry and to help customers to see their future needs.

Our values

  • Honesty. Our most important founding value. Without honesty towards customers, partners and colleagues there are no long term possibilities.
  • Customer in focus. Only satisfied customers will cause the operations to grow. Our focus is always on you, our customer, and your needs and how we can best help you to achieve these.
  • Winning mentality. No one can be the best at everything, but everyone can be the best at their thing. When every employee has that attitude we become a team of winners.
  • Long term. We strive to achieve long term relationships with both colleagues and customers. They are our most valuable asset and the key to sustainable development, growth and progress. Today and tomorrow.
  • World class quality. We keep our word, from the first conversation until after delivery, in the form of world class expertise and quality, both regarding ourselves as people and our products.

Part of OEM International

AB Ernst Hj. Rydahl Bromsbandfabrik is since 2015 part of OEM group one of Europes leading technical trading companies and consists of 34 operating units in 14 countries.