Our business areas

Rydahls consists of three business areas: Brake systems, Friction solutions and Spare-parts.

Brake systems for heavy machines and vehicles

Rydahls has extensive expertise and knowledge of brake systems for wheel loaders, dumpers, tractors, forest machinery, military vehicles and machinery in the manufacturing industry.

Through the process, Engineered by Rydahls, we take care of everything from brake calculations and advice to design, production and system testing. We deliver complete installations that can go straight into your assembly lines.

Brake and friction solutions in manufacturing industry

There are very few standard solutions available in industrial friction. A brake and friction solution for a lift differs, for example, significantly from one that will work in a winch or a crane. That's why we prefer to get on-board at the design stage.

If we can get to know at an early stage in the process which requirements are set for braking times, braking power and braking torque, then we can always deliver a completely unique and optimised solution – Innovated by Rydahls. The process will also be quicker and more cost-efficient, both for you and for us.


Our product range is comprehensive. In addition to all the types of brake parts, you will also find steering parts, coupling parts, filters, suspension parts, wheel hubs, wheel bearings, axle parts and parts for transmissions, engines and cabs.

We only sell top class products, carefully chosen in line with our concept Selected by Rydahls. Ordering via our webshop is easy, and delivery is fast. We can promise you spare parts and fully committed service.