It started in 1916, when Ernst Hjalmar Rydahl founded the company in cellar premises in the Haga area of Karlstad. Being the entrepreneur and innovator he was, Ernst Hjalmar worked late into the night by the light of paraffin lamps, experimenting with different materials to obtain the best possible band brake.

To begin with we primarily manufactured band brakes for horse carriages and the few cars that were on the Swedish roads. During the 1960s and 70s we started to provide more of the parts around the brakes.

Today, we are a complete brake supplier that has also developed substantial knowledge within the industrial side. We are considered to be the leaders in the field in Scandinavia. At the end of the 1990s we supplemented Rydahls by acquiring a company that specialised in designing and dimensioning brake systems for vehicles.

Today, the company is led by the fourth generation Rydahl and we are active in three business areas: Spare parts, Brake systems and Industrial friction 50 of us work here in the spirit of Ernst Hjalmar Rydahl – with innovative and forward thinking. Head office and manufacturing is located in Karlstad and are we represented by service warehouses in several locations through-out Sweden.