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  • The brake experts2

    Knowledge, expertise and service in one – The brake experts Rydahls

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  • Spare parts2

    Carefully selected world class spare parts – Selected by Rydahls

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  • Brake systems2

    Customised systems for wheel loaders, tractors, forestry machines etc. – Engineered by Rydahls

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  • Friction solutions2

    Unique and optimised friction solutions - Innovated by Rydahls

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Welcome to Rydahls

Experts in brake systems and friction solutions

After just over a hundred years in the industry, Rydahls has built up unique experience and expertise. We are specialists in: brake systems for heavy vehicles and machinery; brake and friction solutions in the manufacturing industry, replacement parts for trucks, buses and heavy trailers. We offer custom solutions and a very wide range of brake and replacement parts, as well as friction materials.

Spare parts

– Specialists in spare parts

We offer an extensive range of spare parts for trucks, buses, heavy trailers and trailers, carefully selected and marked Selected by Rydahls.

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Brake systems

– Specialists in customised brake systems

Engineered by Rydahls – brake systems for wheel loaders, tractors, forestry machines etc. – complete installation kits that go directly into your assembly lines.

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Industrial Friction

– Specialists in friction solutions

There are very few standard solutions available in industrial friction. We can always provide a completely unique and optimised solution - Innovated by Rydahls.

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