Kun otat meidät mukaan hakkeeseen, liität siihen osaamisen, jota on kertynyt vuodesta 1916. Yrityksemme juuret ovat jarru- ja kitkaratkaisuissa sekä eri materiaalien yhdistämisessä ja soveltamisessa haluttua vaikutusta varten.

Innovated by Rydahls - World class friction solutions

There are very few standard solutions available in industrial friction. A brake and friction solution for a lift differs, for example, significantly from one that will work in a winch or a crane. That's why we prefer to get onboard in the design stage. If we can get to know at an early stage in the process which requirements are set for braking times, braking power and braking torque, then we can always deliver a completely unique and optimised solution - Innovated by Rydahls

Conditions of sale

NL01 forms the basis of Rydahls conditions of sale