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TBU - Trailer Brake Unit

TBU - Trailer Brake Unit
Rydahls sell a full range of brand new TBU (Trailer Brake Unit) valves which comply with the EU:s new Dual-Line regulations 2015/68 (RVBR), when two lines are coupled between vehicle and trailer. Now also TBU valves with two pilot lines (fig. 4).
  • Standard TBU - OC, CC-LS, LS carry-over (fig. 1)
  • TBU flange mounted to most common stackable valves in tractor industry (fig. 2)
  • TBU for tractor with no low pressure lines available or for high flow requirements, up to 180 lpm (fig. 3)
Rydahls are specialists in Brake systems. Please contact us for assistance in choosing the correct product for just your project, with a good logistic solution for your production.