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Bonded disc brake pads

Friction discs is used in many diffrent types of motors, transmissions and wet brakes. We also produce the outer steel discs belonging to a brake- or clutch kit.

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Material specification

Selection of applications
Heat conductivity Friction value
a) dynamic
b) static
Max speed
The material is suitable for many applications and is especially designed for use in static brakes under high facing pressure. RY-C02 15.6 ± 10% W/m° K a) 0.08—0.10
b) 0.09—0.11
20 m/s PDF
The material have a stable dynamic and static coefficient for wet applications. RY-C13 15.1 ± 10% W/m° K a) 0.06—0.08
b) 0.09—0.12
50 m/s PDF
The material have a high dynamic/static coefficient for dry applications. RY-C14
a) ≥ 0.50
30 m/s PDF
This is an oil cooled paper—base friction material with high enery capacity and dynamic coefficient of friction. RY-P01 0.386 ± 10% W/m° K a) 0.12—0.15
b) 0.12—0.17
40 m/s PDF

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