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Smart contracts with benefits

With contracts based on smooth methods of cooperation both of us can do a better job, and we can create a platform that offers you direct access to spare parts and benefits in the form of tools, equipment and training etc.

Spare parts as a complete solution

With mutually agreed guidelines and clear specification of your current requirements for spare parts, we can offer you a solution that involves efficient stock on consignment. This results in immediate access to parts – what you need is there, when you need it.

If you have a partnership agreement with us you also receive the additional benefits of our range of workshop equipment, diagnostic tools and training.

Tjänster och vertktyg

Workshop equipment and diagnostic tools

W.EASY is the most complete and competent workshop system on the market for heavy vehicles and transport vehicles. W.EASY diagnostic tools have simple and logical menus in Swedish and result reports are very easy to see. We also have the opportunity to help our customers with brake testers from MAHA.