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Selected by Rydahls - World class spare parts

We have a comprehensive range of spare parts for trucks, buses and trailers. We only sell world class products, carefully selected by us.

The best from the best

Our suppliers and their trademarks are a guarantee that their products maintain a very high quality. Which is good, but we are always careful to make our own minds up about which products we take in. Selected by Rydahls is our own mark of quality. We use it as our sign that we stand behind the products that we sell . Selected by Rydahls always means carefully selected spare parts from original suppliers and spare parts of fully comparable or higher quality.

Selected by Rydahls

Within the Selected by Rydahls concept we also supply complete replacement part kits. For example you can order complete brake shoe kits, bushing kits and filter kits, with those parts that the workshop needs. With everything to hand straight from unpacking you save a lot of time.