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VBG couplings for trailers and dollies

VBG couplings are used for all types of transport with drawbar eye dimensions of 57, 50 and 40 mm. Most of the VBG couplings are EU approved. The range includes centre axle couplings intended for trailers and dollies. And comfort couplings only intended for trailers with articulated draw bars.

Couplings for wagons, dollies and trailers

We offer VBG couplings for most heavy transport and trailers. Our range contains robust couplings for very heavy centre axle trailers, trailers with bogie front unit and dollies but also with trailers with articulated drawbar. A well thought out and user friendly design ensures that the coupling is reliable, hard wearing and has low operating costs. The well proven mounting pack with large contact surfaces is adapted to large vertical forces.


MFC (Multi Function Coupling)

With VBG’s MFC you connect the trailer directly from the cab. Pneumatics and electricity are also connected more easily, more comfortably and more safely than before. In the future we will be able to offer connection of hydraulics. The MFC system consists of a coupling section with integrated drawbar, a display for integration into the dashboard, a drawbar wedge that fits Optimal and Multi XF-drawbars and connection devices for electricity and pneumatics.

Power actuator

VBG Power actuator fits all VBG couplings. Coupling to a vehicle on uneven ground or where the coupling is awkwardly positioned under vehicle frame often requires uncomfortable and stressful working positions when the coupling must be moved. With the VBG power actuator, the coupling can be operated easily when standing, which gives better ergonomics and working comfort.

MechMatic - automatic lubrication

The latest innovation from VBG is MechMatic, an accessory that provides automatic cleaning and lubrication. The clutch is always well lubricated and functions easily and smoothly each time. MechMatic is charged using a normal can of VBG MechOil. The mechanism is blown clean from inside using compressed air every seven operating hours and every 24 hours it is lubricated with Mechoil. This all occurs automatically without the driver having to do anything. A can of oil lasts approx. 3000 operating hours and an indicator lamp indicates when it is time to replace it. MechMatic can be post-installed on all coupling models. Product information VBG MechMatic

Manual couplings

In addition to the more advanced couplings from VBG, we also offer manual couplings, such as towing couplings, towing jaws and towing hooks. These fit all the different types of towing eye on the market.

Other accessories

Some of the other accessories from VBG that we offer are draw beams, end plate kits, under-run protection, electrical connectors, special oils, draw bars and towing eyes.