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Clutch parts

Rydahls stocks a wide range of clutch parts from Valeo, Eaton & Sachs for most common truck models.

Clutch kits

There are different types of clutch; push type or pull type clutches. Newer vehicle models use pull type clutches because they are more efficient and cheaper to produce. The clutch is the link between the vehicle's engine and gearbox and, in principle, consists of pressure plate, disc and throw out bearing.

Kopplingsdelar lastbil

On vehicle models where large amounts of torque are transferred, for example construction vehicles, double disc clutches are used. Two discs and an intermediate ring are used for this type.

We recommend that all clutch parts are replaced when one part is worn out because all clutch components interact with each other and usually have similar amounts of wear. Valeo, Eaton & Sachs have complete clutch kits for most models, in order to maintain optimum function and overall economy.

Flywheels and flywheel bearings

Among the other clutch parts, we also stock flywheels and flywheel bearings. The flywheel is the clutch system's "brake disc" so check that it is not worn when you replace the clutch. Otherwise you can get choppy, uneven clutch performance. When replacing the clutch we recommend also replacing the flywheel bearing.

Clutch cylinders

We also offer clutch cylinders made by Kongsberg, which are included in our range of clutch components. When replacing the clutch cylinder we recommend that you always replace the brake fluid, which we can also supply from ATE.