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Drum brakes for trailers

At Rydahls we offer the best, not least of every type of high quality brake component including drum brakes. Therefore, we offer drum brakes from Meritor & Fras-Le.

Our selection of drum brakes contains original parts and we also offer complete brake shoe kits for drum brakes for several major axle manufacturers including Volvo, BPW, SAF and ROR.

Our range of drum brakes includes both brake drums, brake shoes and brake shoe kits along with all the other parts that are needed for a complete drum brake. Of course, we also supply drum brake linings.

Trumbromsar trailer

Brake drums

Rydahls have supplied aftermarket brake drums for heavy vehicles for many years. We stock drum brakes suitable for BPW, SAF, ROR and SMB among other brands. We offer brake drums from world leading suppliers and over the years have built close relationships that ensure the right quality, fast delivery and competitive prices for you the customer.

Each individual brake drum has carefully calculated material hardness, roundness, surface finish and fit. This means that the brake drum and the brake drum lining work together optimally, giving the best possible performance, low operating costs and long service life.

Brake shoes and brake shoe kits

Our brake shoes can be supplied both as complete brake shoe kits or as individual brake shoes as required. Our range is suitable for most major axle manufacturers such as Volvo, , BPW, SAF and ROR.

Complete brake shoe kits

There are several advantages to ordering complete brake shoes kits instead of single brake shoes. Replacement is easy and straightforward, which means that one reduces the time that the vehicle is stationary in the workshop.

The quality is very high and consistent because the contact between the drum brake lining and brake shoe is always optimised, which reduces the risk of claims and failed inspections at the Motor Vehicle Inspection. Complete brake shoe kits for trailer axles such as BPW axles, which are the largest axle make on the Swedish market, have become very popular. Today more and more workshops and hauliers are using these brake shoe kits as an alternative to traditional reconditioning of old brake shoes, which is time consuming, dirty and gives inconsistent quality because the brake shoes are often in poor condition due to rust etc.

Drum brake lining

We stock brake pads from all OEM manufacturers such as Meritor, but in order to satisfy increasing customer demand we also offer original quality brake pads from Fras-Le.

We stock brake pads and drum brake linings for most major axle manufacturers. Due to our large network of different suppliers we can also supply less common models that we do not usually keep in stock.