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Through our webshop and local stores we offer you an extensive range, high availability and service. We are fully aware of the importance of fast delivery and are therefore represented at several locations throughout Sweden. Our main warehouse is in Karlstad (green) and we have three service warehouses (red) in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Luleå.

Order when you have time. The shop is always open.

When you want to order spare parts our webshop is a very easy solution. We offer a total of 25,000 selected parts, logically listed so that you can make simple searches by vehicle manufacturer, model and category. You can also search directly by part/reference number, when you know what you are looking for.

Rydahls Servicelager

In the daytime we can be contacted through Customer service:

0771 - 27 66 72

You are always welcome to contact our warehouses directly on the following telephone numbers:

  • Karlstad: 054 - 85 04 50
  • Stockholm: 08 - 502 540 40
  • Gothenburg: 031 - 742 98 48
  • Luleå: 0771 - 27 66 72

We always strive to achieve high availability and service for our customers. We are always looking at new ways of developing logistic solutions, products and services.