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Wheel hubs and wheel bearings

We offer wheel hubs, wheel bearings, wheel bearing seals and hub seals for a number of different vehicle makes and models. Our products are always carefully selected from several of the world's leading producers. Our main supplier and partner for wheel hubs, wheel; bearings etc. is the Swedish company SKF. You will also find wheel bolts, nuts, lubricants and tools in our wide selection.

Complete wheel hubs (VKHC) for trailers

One of SKF products that we offer is a complete wheel hubs for heavy trailer axles. For certain makes of axle such as SAF it is difficult and time consuming to change wheel bearings. By using SKF complete wheel bearings that only contain SKF original parts provides a quick and cost effective solution. Contact us at Rydahls for more information about which models are available.


Care for your wheel hubs with Grease Packer

This easy to use tool saves time and money and is less dirty to use, at the same time as extending the service life of the wheel bearings.