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Suspension parts – shock absorbers and air springs

The requirements of our customers are continually increasing. Long service lives for shock absorbers and low maintenance costs are key factors in reducing the costs of the vehicle fleets within the transport industry. Another important factor is the comfort of both the drivers and passengers.

Our range of suspension parts includes shock absorbers, air springs and spring arms. We have also heard the terms "air bellow", "airbag" or "spring bar" for these products. Our range of suspension parts includes air springs, leaf springs, cab suspension and anti-roll bars. We also offer suspension parts for V-rods, torque arms, spring bolts and bushings. Our two suppliers of shock absorbers and air springs, KONI and Contitech, are market leaders.


Shock absorbers from KONI

KONI offers specially designed shock absorbers for axle, cab and steering. If you order a shock absorber for a truck from KONI you receive an adjustable shock absorber as standard; the hardness can be adjusted as the shock absorber starts to wear, thus extending the service life.

KONI's 91-series is a shock absorber for trailers that is completely unique with its "down to horizontal function". It is designed for a service life of up to 1,000,000 km.

Before ordering a shock absorber it is important that you check the minimum and maximum lengths of the old shock absorber so that the new one is the correct length. Otherwise there are major negative consequences for the vehicle.

Air springs from Contitech

ContiTech stands for innovative technology and high product quality and their air suspension systems are market leading. Two makes of air springs are supplied; "Conti" and "Phoenix".

Both of these meet the vehicle manufacturer original specification, where "Conti" is always 100% original installed, while Phoenix can be OE (Original Equipment) or aftermarket make that is developed for replacement of an OE product.

The list of makes and models of heavy trucks, buses and trailers fitted with ContiTechs air springs as original parts is very long. Some examples: Volvo F/FH/FL/FM series, Scania 4 series and Mercedes Actros.