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Precision manufacture

Basically, it is about an extensive knowledge of different friction materials and their properties. Today we have access to several hundred different material qualities, both woven and cast, in several dimensions. We know which materials we should use, in which combination with others, so that the solution you are looking for has exactly the right function. We can select the materials that give the best friction and brake effect with great precision.

Cost-efficient processing

We have developed our own methods of processing different types of friction materials at Rydahls. We often start with pads or strips and mechanically process them to the dimensions you need. We also started using water to process materials several years ago. Waterjet cutting gives us many advantages in comparison with conventional processing. We can easily manufacture complicated shapes and achieve close tolerances. In particular we reduce material wastage, which makes the method cost-effective for you as the purchaser.

Kostnadseffektiv bearbetning

Continual improvements

When we have finished a project this does not mean that we let it go. After delivery we always continue our work and try to find new developments and improvements. We always try to find better solutions – in the choice of materials, improvement of the efficiency of our processes, and improvements of the products – which in turn can benefit you. In other words we stay with you and your business for a long time.