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Innovated by Rydahls – World class friction solutions

There are very few standard solutions available in industrial friction. That's why we prefer to get on-board at the design stage. If we can establish what the requirements are early in the process, then we can always deliver a completely unique and optimised solution – Innovated by Rydahls.

Innovations are the rule

In almost every new project we face the development of a unique product solution. We don't need to invent the wheel every time, but in general innovations are the rule rather than the exception. Throughout the years we have produced friction solutions, brakes and brake linings for forklift trucks, lifts, cranes, anchor winches, washing machines, lawn mowers and other mechanical devices. We could make the list much longer.

Innovationer är regel

There are still lots of unexplored areas where friction solutions signed Innovated by Rydahls could make torque and braking torque more flexible, more user-friendly, and more reliable than existing solutions.