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Design and production

There are seldom obvious solutions within industrial friction. That is why in every project we are very particular about clarifying what conditions apply and what requirements must be fulfilled.

Unique solutions are our benchmark

You may be in need of brake linings for generators for water turbines. Or a solution that gives variable lifting and lowering functions for a desktop lamp. Or a brake that stops the blade in a circular saw in an instant. Your project is just as interesting to us, regardless of the size of the product or scope of production. If we can come in early on in the design process, we will solve the problem. Unique solutions are quite simply our benchmark.

Selecting material and process

With the prerequisites in place, our development department can start to do its job. With the help of CAD drawings we model the design and put it in its context. Producing a good friction solution is partly about developing solutions that fit in with the design, and partly about selecting optimal friction materials to achieve the required braking effect. We calculate the friction coefficients and decide which materials are most suitable before taking a decision of which production processes should be involved.

Konstruktion och produktion

Waterjet cutting material

Our production often uses waterjet cutting to process materials. Waterjet cutting has a number of advantages compared to conventional processing, not least when it comes to manufacturing complicated shapes and achieving tight tolerances. Through this process we reduce material wastage, which makes the method cost-effective for you as the purchaser.

Gluing that's guaranteed to stick

The gluing of friction materials such as brake and clutch linings is a special process. Throughout the years we have made it very effective and reliable. Most often we use a hot gluing method. This means in simple terms that the glue sets under the influence of heat and pressure. What makes gluing so special is that it is only through destructive testing that you can confirm whether the required result has been achieved. Therefore, we are very careful to control all parameters such as pressure, temperature, holding times and surface treatment, and to document them at each test, until the test gives the correct result. And in this way we guarantee that we have an approved glue joint.