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Engineered by Rydahls – Custom brake systems

With us you get a partner that takes care of everything from brake calculations and advice to design, production and system testing. We deliver complete installations that can go straight into your assembly lines.

World class brake systems

Most of the brake systems we produce are customised. Within our concept Engineered by Rydahls we deliver custom-made brake systems that can go straight into your assembly lines. If you bring us in at an early stage of the project we can support you all the way through with technical advice and assume responsibility for the entire process – everything from design, brake calculations and dimensioning, to production, tests and delivery of brake systems.

Engineered by Rydahls - Skräddarsydda bromssystem

Engineered by Rydahls is our signature for the unique brake systems we develop for industry/OEM, machinery and vehicles, commissioned by customers from all over the world.