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Customised solutions – some examples

Here you can read about a couple of cases where we have developed custom solutions for our customers. For practical reasons, we maintain the anonymity of the customers. Our intention is only to relate a few interesting assignments and to give an idea of who we are and what we can do.

Hydraulic brakes for asphalt machinery

An international manufacturer of heavy asphalt and road construction machinery contacted Rydahls during the development phase of a 27 ton asphalt machine. Requirement: a complete hydraulic brake system.

An explicit definition of the project formed the foundation for the work. Requirements were identified, technical specifications were established and drawings were prepared along with brake calculations, dimensioning and timetables. It was all summarised in a project document with some 70 main activities that were to be checked off at regular intervals.


The physical development of the system began when we received parts from the customer to build up a full-scale test rig in our factory in Karlstad, complete with driver's cab and brakes.

The planned tests were carried out on the rig, recorded, and reported to the customer. The rig was also used for training purposes and groups from the customer learned in detail about all the components and about handling during assembly and bleeding. Evaluations of different brake hoses were also carried out with a view to selecting the best alternatives.

The whole project was documented and reconciled at regular intervals with the customer, in accordance with the initial records. Our solution was approved by the customer within the agreed deadline and today we deliver complete systems that go directly into the customer's production lines in Brazil.

A solution for extremely long decelerations

Rydahls was given the task of developing brakes that could handle long decelerations on downhill slopes, withstand the extreme development of heat, and incorporate emergency brakes if the system should fail.

The object to be fitted with the brake system was a four-wheeled truck for mining operations. The truck transports various robot controlled machinery with large overall weights and the brakes are sometimes exposed to massive stress, because the truck must be able to brake gently on all four wheels on long stretches, sometimes as long as up to 10 kilometres.

Hydraliska bromsar till gruvmaskin

The system we have produced consists of newly developed, heat-resistant disc brakes as service brakes on all four wheels – with heat shield equipped brake pads that provide better prerequisites to withstand the extreme heat generated at times. The disc brakes are also fitted with parts that make them more heat-resistant and better equipped for a tough environment.

The system solution also includes emergency and parking brakes on all wheels. These are applied by spring cylinders that actuate if the release pressure is lost during valve actuation or an accident. A very safe solution, which for several years we have been delivering to our customer's production plant in Finland.

Watertight system with enhanced braking power

One of the largest groups in Europe in the defence industry redesigned one of its military vehicles. The weight increased from 7 to 16 tonnes. The brake system had to be improved, without becoming larger or taking up more space.

The vehicle was developed and rebuilt to make it safer to be in and travel in. The improved protection meant a significant change in the total weight of the vehicle, which increased from 7 to 16 tonnes. It was necessary to examine the brake system to ensure safe braking functions. The catch was that the system could not take up more space that it already did.

Vattentätt system och ökad bromskraft

The vehicle was also designed so that it could "swim", which in turn set requirements for a watertight brake solution to avoid corrosion in the system.

At Rydahls we saw the solution in the choice of materials. Thanks to new materials with higher friction coefficients, resistance and thermotolerance, we improved the efficiency of the braking power and braking time in the system. We checked adjacent materials and made sure that they could withstand the subsequent increase in heat. We solved the watertightness with our own design and with the help of an in-house developed clamping ring, dust protection of special silicon, special grease and an effective surface treatment.

All in all the solution is completely unique and a good example of how with innovation and knowledge of materials we can tackle complex problems.