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Other valves

Rydahls offers a wide range of valves to make your brake system complete. Some of the other valves we offer in addition to supply prioritisation valves are listed below.

SAFIM are our partners for these parts and their products maintain a very high quality.

Relay valves/Quick filler valves

Pressure reducer/limiter

Accumulator charging valves

An accumulator charging valve starts to recharge the energy reservoir, i.e. the accumulator, when the pressure has fallen to its lowest level and switches off at a set higher level.

We offer different variants depending on the required on and off pressures. It is possible to supplement with a number of electric solenoids that one can release, for example a spring applied spring brake.

There are also variants that restrict the release pressure so that one cannot overload what has been released.

Disconnection valve

Included in the complete brake system.

Proportional brake valve – module constructed S6

Read more about it in Hydraulic brake system and the menu S6 – module constructed.

Proportional brake valve – compact constructed S6

Read more about it in Hydraulic brake system S6 in compact version. Please contact us!