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Master brake cylinder/master cylinder with hydraulic servo

A master brake cylinder (or master cylinder as it is also called) with hydraulic servo function is used when foot pressure is not enough to create sufficiently high brake pressure in the circuits.

Technical finesses with master brake cylinder with servo

Easy to install and supplement in an already existing brake system. Maximum brake feeling Achieves a high brake circuit pressure using a low foot pressure on the pedal. Components need a servo pressure to function. Available for both mineral oil and brake fluid (glycol based).


Operating range for master cylinder with servo

  • Brake pressure 0 to 150 bar.
  • Available in versions for single circuit and dual circuit systems.
  • From brake circuit volumes 18 to 65 cc.
  • Can operate within a temperature range of -20 to +90 degree Celsius.

Additions available on request

  • Pressure limiter valve.
  • Piston valve for service brake.
  • Servo brake for variable pump.
  • Master cylinder without hydraulic servo control
  • Combination of servo brake in connection with brake cylinder.

Master brake cylinder with servo is used within:

Small and medium sized machinery, when foot pressure alone applied to the brake pedal is not sufficient.

Do you have special requirements?

Contact our design and development department for suggestions for a solution and brake calculation that works for your technical conditions.