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Master brake cylinder/master cylinder without hydraulic servo

We offer several different types, size and version of master cylinder (or brake master cylinder as it is also called) without servo.

Single circuit and dual circuit master cylinders in several sizes. Stage master cylinder with filling stage and compression stage.

Technical finesses with stage master cylinder

  • The stage master cylinder gives a relatively high circuit brake pressure thanks to the filling stage with its large area that quickly fills the brake cylinder etc. so that the compression stage can take over when one needs a higher application force to the brakes.
  • Easy to install.
  • Available for both mineral oil and brake fluid (glycol based).
Huvudbromscylinder / huvudcylinder utan servo

Operating range for master cylinder without servo

  • Brake pressure up to 150 bar.
  • Brake circuit volumes from 8 to 35 cc.

Master brake cylinder without servo is used within:

Smaller vehicles and various special solutions such as retarder systems.


  • These types of master cylinder must be supplemented with a brake fluid reservoir for mineral or brake fluid.
  • Do not directly connect to the rest of the hydraulic brake system with pressure greater than atmospheric pressure. The master cylinder seals could be damaged.

Do you have special requirements?

Contact our design and development department for suggestions for a solution and brake calculation that works for your technical conditions.