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Parking brakes and emergency brakes

Rydahls supplies both parking brakes and emergency brakes. Sometimes a parking brake will only be used as a parking brake, but equally often the parking brake will also function as an emergency brake. There are a number of different variants of parking brake and emergency brake and therefore one must select the solution by vehicle type and the requirements of your brake system. In addition to the actual brake system we, of course, also supply pedals, controls, rigid brake hoses and other valves for a complete brake system.

Parkeringsbroms och nödbroms

Parking brakes and emergency brakes for disc brakes

There is a variant for disc brakes named SAHR and this has both parking brake and emergency brake. See image example below.

Parking brakes and emergency brakes for multiple disc brakes

When parking brakes and emergency brakes are required for multiple disc brakes, a combination cylinder of the SAHR type is used.

Parking brake and emergency brake for drum brakes with camshaft brake

For drum brakes with camshaft brake, the spring brake cylinder can be used as both parking brake and emergency brake.

Multifunction cylinder with parking brake and emergency brake

Multicylinders or Multifunction cylinders as they are also called have parking brake, emergency brake as well as service brake.

SAHR FSG110 – with two negative emergency brakes

The following is an example that has one brake disc and two SAHR brakes of size FSG110 that has two negative emergency brakes. Furthermore the system contains a manual pump in the event the hydraulic pump should fail. The image also shows membrane cylinder, master cylinder and brake fluid reservoir.

Do you have special requirements?

Contact our design and development department for suggestions for a solution and brake calculation that works for your technical conditions.