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Brake fluid reservoirs, brake fluid and mineral oil

Brake fluid reservoirs

A brake fluid reservoir compensates the increasing volume commitment of the braking medium because of brake wear, which increases the wheel cylinder stroke. Our brake fluid reservoirs are supplied with either one or two chambers and are available with a threaded connection or with hoses if the master cylinder is located remotely. The brake fluid reservoir can also be supplied with electric level indicator. We can supply solutions such as, for example, capturing dust particles and unlosable caps and we can also customise special applications for your brake fluid reservoir if required.


Brake fluid

We have a wide range of brake fluids, glycol based brake fluids and silicon based brake fluids. They are available in DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5 (silicon), DOT 5.1 and ATE SL.6.
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Mineral oil

In our range we offer mineral oil in accordance with ISO 7308 in 1 and 5 litre sizes. This mineral oil meets all the highest requirements of a good mineral oil and has a very high boiling point.

Do you have special requirements?

Contact our design and development department for suggestions for a solution and brake calculation that works for your technical conditions.