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Brake system 002

Brake system 002 is a hydraulic operating system for unique special builds and trailers.

Bromssystem 002
New model

Gamla modellen
Old model

Pdf-document: Brake System 002 (Handbrake control not drawn)

The unique thing about the system

  • Is combining two separate brake fluid systems.
  • The energy from the tractor unit must be transferred in some way to the trailer, however there is no way of connecting two separate brake fluid systems without direct connections without air entering the system.
  • The system must be split into two parts.

System 002, in brief

  • The tow vehicle’s brake system is not sufficient for a following trailer.
  • The control box (”the black box”) has its own system which adapts the brake pressure between the vehicle and the trailer.
  • The vehicle must have its brake force and the trailer must have its brake force, measurements and tests have shown differences of just +/-45 kg at the connection point, unbelievably small drag differences.
  • The system was developed when the American electro-technical systems could not meet the European standards.


Please contact our design and development department for brake systems for more information and technical advice.