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Brake systems for machinery and vehicles

We design and produce brake systems for most off-road vehicles, e.g. tractors, forklift trucks, forestry machines and construction machinery. We have a comprehensive product range that covers all parts of the brake system. Everything from drum brakes, disc brakes, valves and cylinders, to hoses, nipples and couplings.

Hydraulic brakes and brake systems

One of our specialities is hydraulic brake systems for semitrailers and custom-built vehicles. And we are happy to tackle air suspension equipment with load sensing valves.

Bromssystem för maskiner och fordon

Pneumatic brakes and brake systems

We deliver many different types of pneumatic brakes and brake systems, including for agricultural machinery. The brakes are delivered either as parts or as complete pneumatic brake systems, depending on your requirements. We also have the opportunity to deliver brake systems built up of both hydraulics and pneumatics.

Advice and production of prototypes.

You are always welcome to bring us in as a technical adviser. This refers to all types of issues concerning brakes and brake systems. For product development we are happy to produce prototypes, and the sooner we come into the project, the better. We can develop and produce new products internally, or together with our suppliers. Irrespective of how, you always have our long-standing know-how and extensive competence with you in the project.