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Advising, design and brake calculations

You will find us to be a technical advisor for all types of brake issues. We suggest materials and guide you through obstacles and problems. It is important to know at an early stage what requirements are set for braking times, braking power and braking torque, so that we can do the correct brake calculations.

Designs and drawings

It is just as important that we work on the basis of a specific definition of the environment in which your brake system is going to operate. What does the area look like, what are the dimensions, which adjacent parts and materials do we have to take into consideration in terms, for example, of heat and moisture? From the set specifications our design department then produces a CAD drawing that forms the basis for the design.

Rådgivning, konstruktion och bromsberäkning

Production of brake systems

In our assembly workshop we can handle most requirements for the production of brake systems. Everything from mechanical processing, such as turning, drilling and milling, to the assembly of extra accessories and final assembly of complete brake systems. We also undertake to pack, label and adapt complete assemblies and brake system kits so that they can directly go into your assembly lines or spare part stocks. All systems are inspected prior to delivery.

Tests and testing

In those cases where as a customer you have an express preference, we can conduct tests of brake systems in our own workshop. We can build up customised functional brake systems in test benches to clearly demonstrate the system for you, for training and to certify circuit pressure and functionality.