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We are specialists in spare parts, brake systems and friction solutions

After nearly a hundred years in the industry, Rydahls has built up unique experience and expertise. We are specialists in brake systems for heavy vehicles and machinery; brake and friction solutions in the manufacturing industry, replacement parts for trucks, buses and heavy trailers. We offer custom solutions and a very wide range of brake and replacement parts, as well as friction materials.

Spare parts for trucks, buses and trailers

Our product range is comprehensive. In addition to all the different types of brake parts, you will also find steering parts, coupling parts, filters, suspension parts, wheel hubs, wheel bearings, axle parts and parts for transmissions, engines and cabs.

Om Rydahls

We only sell top class products, carefully chosen in line with our concept Selected by Rydahls. Ordering via our webshop is easy, and delivery is fast.

Custom brake systems for heavy machinery and vehicles

Rydahls has extensive expertise and knowledge of brake systems for wheel loaders, dumpers, tractors, forest machinery, military vehicles and machinery in the manufacturing industry.

Through the process, Engineered by Rydahls, we take care of everything from brake calculations and advice to design, production and system testing. We deliver complete installations that can go straight into your assembly lines.

Brake and friction solutions within the manufacturing industry

There are very few standard solutions available in industrial friction. A brake and friction solution for a lift differs, for example, significantly from one that will work in a winch or a crane.

That's why we prefer to get on-board at the design stage. If we can get to know at an early stage in the process which requirements are set for braking times, braking power and braking torque, then we can always deliver a completely unique and optimised solution – Innovated by Rydahls. The process will also be quicker and more cost-efficient, both for you and for us.

Our business concept

Rydahls must be based on high levels of expertise, long technical experience and by excellent customer service provide market leading products and services. We strive to lead and drive development within our industry and to help customers to see their future needs.

Our values

Our most important founding value. Without honesty towards customers, partners and colleagues there are no long term possibilities.

Customer in focus
Only satisfied customers will cause the operations to grow. Our focus is always on you, our customer, and your needs and how we can best help you to achieve these.

Winning mentality
No one can be the best at everything, but everyone can be the best at their thing. When every employee has that attitude we become a team of winners.

Long term
We strive to achieve long term relationships with both colleagues and customers. They are our most valuable asset and the key to sustainable development, growth and progress. Today and tomorrow.

World class quality
We keep our word, from the first conversation until after delivery, in the form of world class expertise and quality, both regarding ourselves as people and our products.

Brief history

It started in 1916, when Ernst Hjalmar Rydahl founded the company in cellar premises in the Haga area of Karlstad. Being the entrepreneur and innovator he was, Ernst Hjalmar worked late into the night by the light of paraffin lamps, experimenting with different materials to obtain the best possible band brake.

To begin with we primarily manufactured band brakes for horse carriages and the few cars that were on the Swedish roads. During the 1960s and 70s we started to provide more of the parts around the brakes.

Today, we are a complete brake supplier that has also developed substantial knowledge within the industrial side. We are considered to be the leaders in the field in Scandinavia. At the end of the 1990s we supplemented Rydahls by acquiring a company that specialised in designing and dimensioning brake systems for vehicles.

Today, the company is led by the fourth generation Rydahl and we are active in three business areas: Spare parts, Brake systems and Industrial friction 50 of us work here in the spirit of Ernst Hjalmar Rydahl – with innovative and forward thinking. Head office and manufacturing is located in Karlstad and are we represented by service warehouses in several locations through-out Sweden.